About us

We are a broad coalition of Hampshire College faculty, staff, students, alums, and parents with a plan to keep Hampshire College independent, ensure its financial sustainability, and give renewed energy to its core mission.

Icons with core values: interdisciplinarity, critical inquiry, collaboration, sustainability, accessibility, equity, social justice, experimentation, creativity

Re-Envisioning Hampshire for the 21st Century

The Re-Envisioning Plan began as an alternative to the path laid out on January 15 by which Hampshire College would have sought financial security through a partnership with another institution. In contrast, the Re-Envisioning Plan outlined a strategy for keeping Hampshire autonomous and financially sound. On April 5, the Board of Trustees voted to pursue keeping Hampshire independent and to fundraise for that purpose. The Re-Envisioning coalition continues to work on developing a more detailed plan and create concrete proposals to be presented to the greater campus and Board for consideration.

Interim President Kenneth Rosenthal:

“I’ve been a part of Hampshire for five decades. I joined the College before it was built, before The Making of a College was published. I’ve been a Hampshire staff member, faculty member, administrator, parent of an alum, and a trustee from 2008-16.

Hampshire was always intended to be a college that would re-imagine itself. We were founded by our four partner colleges to be a vehicle for change in higher ed. We’ve made a difference in education, and it gives me hope that so many people recognize that and are paying attention now and want to support us.

It’ll take everyone’s cooperation and imagination to re-make Hampshire.”

Hampshire College has launched a major fundraising campaign, and already alums, faculty, staff, students, parents, and friends have come together like never before. The two alumni fundraising groups that formed since January, Hampshire Future and A Campaign for Hampshire, are now working directly with the college.

The Coalition encourages those who support an independent Hampshire College to donate to the college directly, ideally with an unrestricted gift to the Hampshire Fund or another unrestricted fund—learn more about giving to Hampshire at giving.hampshire.edu or access the online giving form directly at donate.hampshire.edu.


$2.2 million by June 30, 2019

$7 million by August 15, 2019

$20 million by June 30, 2020


Our three key strategies are

"Foster Community through Collaboration and Mentorship"

Hampshire will create a new Community Commons to attract and retain students through a more radically engaged and collaborative college community.

Launch Interdisciplinary Research Centers with Flexible Curriculum

Hampshire will re-emerge as a leader in higher education through a flexible living curriculum responsive to 21st century problems and possibilities

Establish a Sustainable Financial Model Aligned with Our Values

Hampshire will achieve financial sustainability via new structures, cost cutting, and renewed fundraising efforts that draw from newly galvanized alums and a new curricular model

New Revenue Streams:

Alums, New Programs, and Land Use

"Capitalize on Renewed Alum Engagement"
  • Leverage fundraising efforts with the new college plan
  • Involve alums in instructional support and new initiatives
  • Enlist alums in savvy recruitment of students
  • Build alum-to-campus community connections
  • Formalize alum engagement by coordinating volunteer network
"Develop Summer Institute, Graduate Programs, and Certificates" and image of a person on a laptop.
  • Pre-professional Summer Institutes and internships
  • Selected MA programs and certificates
  • Semester-long special programs for visiting students
"Use of our Land" and a picture of a field
  • Develop mixed-income housing
  • New agricultural, commercial, and non-profit development
  • Sustainable “green living” community


"Re-Envisioning Hampshire College for the 21st Century” has been endorsed by three former presidents of Hampshire College (Charles Longsworth, Adele Simmons, and Gregory Prince) and by former Vice President Penina Glazer. The two state lawmakers representing Amherst, Senator Jo Comerford and Representative Mindy Domb, have also urged President Nelson to pause imminent faculty and staff layoffs while carefully considering the Re-Envisioning Plan.

In an open letter to the Daily Hampshire Gazette former trustees, alumni, and others expressed support for the Re-Envisioning coalition.

Twenty-four Hampshire College Emeriti have written a letter in support of the coalition's work.

Alums in Action

Ken Burns, Jon Krakauer, Rhys Ernst, thúy lê, and other Hampshire alums who have offered their support for a vibrant, independent Hampshire suited to tackling 21st century problems.

Contact us

Press Contact:

Christoph Cox

E-mail: reenvisioninghampshire@gmail.com

Phone: (413) 559-5604